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A Colorado native, Trygve spent countless hours exploring the Pacific Northwest in his younger years, which led him to pursue his undergraduate and graduate studies in the region. Today, he has put down roots in Washington, valuing the proximity to family and friends, and finding enjoyment in the many recreational benefits of the area: skiing the mountains, hiking the forests, and fly fishing the rivers. Having been raised in the high desert, he harbors a unique appreciation for the lush green forests and bountiful waters of the state. After graduate school, Trygve decided to venture into a career where he could help decision makers incorporate the value of the benefits and services provided by nature into the cost-benefit calculus that informs policy choices. Trygve brings a strong quantitative research background to the Earth Economics team, and an unwavering passion and drive to collaborate with his peers to help share the value of natural capital with a wide audience.

Recent work

Restoring Biscayne Bay and the Economic Value of Rehydrating Coastal Wetlands.” Earth Economics. Tacoma, WA. 2019.

Upper Snake River, Wyoming

Upper Snake River, Wyoming


M.P.A. Environmental Policy
Evans School of Public Policy at the
University of Washington | Seattle, WA

B.A. Spanish
Whitman College | Walla Walla, WA